Hello from the world of Homeschooling Mom Anna and Librarian Auntie Jeselyn!

We are two millennials navigating the interconnected worlds of early childhood literacy, what books kids should be reading, and how to interest kids of all ages in their own educations. Anna focuses on science, history, and the benefits of creative play, and is extremely well-read in all genres. Jeselyn loves all kinds of children's literature and is always figuring out innovative ways to present books to the kids in her library and at home. To find out more about us as individual human people, see the About Us page.

The kids at home are Madi and Dakota (called Muffin because he was an adorably plump infant who muffin-topped out of his diaper). Their age difference is almost exactly four years; this June Madi will turn six and Muffin will be two. The age gap comes with a gap in interests as well, and we do our best to interest both of them and keep their minds engaged. Of course, Muffin is not as ready for structured lessons at the moment, but he does have an interest in books and is already recognizing letters. Madi is practicing her writing and letter recognition as well, along with in-depth history and science lessons that change weekly. She has her own section of this blog, Madi's Corner, where she reports on whatever piques her interest.

Anna and Jeselyn both write the main blog entries, sometimes collaboratively and sometimes alone. You can view our first post here, and see a list of posts in chronological order on the right side of your screen. The subject matter of each post will differ. We could talk about an event we attended one day, provide you with a book review the next day, and reflect on a successful library program in the post after that! The beauty of this blog, and of life, is in its diversity.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts or send us an email with questions, comments, or suggestions of content you would like to see at Hm4Lu@msn.com. Happy reading!

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